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Pack food, clothes, laptop, blanket, mask, books, shoes and toiletries for your trip.

Innovative Bags.

Practical and 40 - 80% less expensive than luxury brands.

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Work remotely or for on the go.

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Why we started to make bags and what change we wanted to bring into the world.

The problem is standard bags create chaos and disfunction.

Finally your laptop, work, food, clothes, shoes, toiletries, essentials ALL IN ONE ORGANIZED KETCHBAG. The perfect day bag and carry-on. 

Modern Bags Designed to Organize Your Life

What Our Customers Are Saying

This ketchbag set is a LIFESAVER! It solves my whole life and I use it everyday! It is the best thing I ever bought! It is perfect for my life because I tend to be a scatter brain and this makes ME more organized. I work all day and exercise after work, so I have my lunch & snacks, water bottle, books and extra clothes ready for the day.

Dental Hygienist, Mom, Fitness Expert

"It makes me feel organized and on the ball but now in real life. Whereas, before I'd be searching and feeling lost having to look for stuff. And now, it's all at my fingertips."

Business owner of 2 companies & fitness pro

"I am obsessed! I can't wait to actually use it and show it off! I  have so many things to carry and now I have a home for them." 

Fitness Coach & Competitor

"I am SO surprised how prepared I feel using the CarryAll KETCHBAG. It has a place for everything and everything in it's place is really fitting." 


"I love the KETCHBAG CarryAll Bag, it is perfect! I had NO idea I was getting a wallet and crossbody bag too! Wow! I love all of them and use them daily!"

Business Owner in Wellness Industry

"Flying for the first time with the collection made me aware how chaotic it was before using this. The flight was less stressful and I feel on top of it all. I was shocked how good I felt after my day of traveling."


CEO and Competitor

"I can now go from the gym early in the morning, change my clothes and head to meet with clients all day without having to eat fast food and pack so many bags. I've been looking for this for sooo long. THANK YOU!"  

Professional Career and Competitor

"Even the first impression of opening the packaging shows the details how luxurious this brand really is. It just goes on and on with what you get and all the functions it has. I love having everything in one place!"

Professional and Competitor

"My everything in one bag!"


Professional & Competitor

"I was not expecting all the positive ways the CarryAll, wallet and messenger bag would help in my daily life. I am more organized, have what I need and never lose my keys to the bottom of my bags anymore. This is the BEST bag I've ever used!"


Business Owner
How do we compare?
Innovative and Functional with Sophistiction.

We know other brands out there and frankly, it didn't meet 70% of travelers needs per survey.

It's the exact reason we designed our own collection in 2017 from scratch to bring better functionality AND style.  

Designed by an Entrepreneur

Cece Ketcham, CEO, was tired of re-packing and carrying four bags around everyday for work, gym, meals and toiletries. Trying to stay organized and on top of her busy life seemed impossible. One day she realized that the chaos of not having things all in one place was holding her back from her most productive potential and consolidated bags. She decided to channel her frustration into inventing luxurious and more functional everyday bags, accessories and luggage.

After three years of research and development, she has launched our Everyday Tote that is Designed To Fit Life In One Bag with a patent pending. With more travel products coming, Cece has re-imagined the way we travel to stay organized with luxury. 

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