13 Reasons to Love and Use the ketchbag Everyday

13 Reasons to Love and Use the ketchbag Everyday

MLL was designed, created and launched to creatively solve all the organizational challenges of carrying your life around in a bag with you. The ketchbag Carryall easily and functionally consolidates 6-bags-in-1. “Never Sacrifice Luxury for Functionality,” is a cornerstone of the MLL way of thinking. 

With all the bags out there, it’s difficult to decide what’s most important in your bag. We want to share with you the top 13 reasons to love and use the ketchbag Carryall everyday.  


We know that getting out the door in the morning is utter chaos and we want to help. Cut out packing a bag for everywhere you’re going and condense all your needs into the ketchbag. The ketchbag eliminates your excess bags and lets you carry one for everything: 

  • Laptop 
  • Work 
  • Clothes/Gym
  • Meals 
  • Shoes 
  • Toiletry

*Fun fact: there is a removable and hangable toiletry bag inside every ketchbag to help you stay organized and looking your best throughout the day. 

Home - Work - Gym 

As we’re saving space and time, the ketchbag was designed to be the solution to going from home, to work, to the gym for you. Take it with you wherever you’re going. 

Look stylish and stay organized 

We all want our bags to be stylish AND be functional, but that’s a tall order… until now! The ketchbag was designed with you in mind. The two colors, black and royal blue, were selected to be stylish and versatile, so you can look put together and carry everything you need. 

Never miss a meal 

Staying on top of your eating during the day is important, which is why the back section of the ketchbag is insulated for meal storage. There is also a water bottle holder on the end, so you’ll stay hydrated all day. Pack your meals in to-go containers and skip the fast food line. 

No more losing keys

There’s little worse than digging for your keys all day. The ketchbag has a special pocket and clip in the front of the bag for your keys, so you’ll always be able to find them. *Pro tip: the wallet also has a detachable wristlet that doubles as a good keychain.

Mary Poppins vibes 

This is the bag that keeps on giving. You’ll always be able to find what you need and not miss a beat on the go.

Packing list - never forget what you need 

The patented ketchbag design is a perfect guide while you’re getting yourself organized. With designated space for your things, you’ll never forget what you need, because you’ll see where it should all go. 

Pockets on pockets on pockets 

When you’re packing the ketchbag for your day, you’ll see that there are pockets for all of your important things. In the front section, the office, you’ll find space for your full-sized laptop, folders, notebooks, books, pens, headphones, and other electronics. 

Shoes and heels

The shoe storage underneath the bag allows you to pack an extra pair for when you’re on the go. There are also stiletto heel holders to keep your heels up and off the ground when you’re ready to take them off. 


We’ve all used bags that flopped open and spilled our things all over. The ketchbag is zippered and the ends snap closed to keep all your belongings where they should be and keep the bag upright. 

RFID & EMF Protected

More than ever it’s important to keep yourself and your information safe. The ketchbag and wallet are RFID & EMF protected, so you can have peace of mind. 

Doubles as a weekend carryon

Not only can you use the ketchbag for your everyday life, but it’s perfect for a weekend getaway. There’s room for two outfits and all your weekend essentials. What other bag do you have that can do all that? I’ll wait. 

Airports just got easier  

When you’re using the ketchbag for traveling, you’ll be glad to know it counts as a personal item at the airport, because it fits beneath the seat. You’ll never have to pay to bring this with you on the plane. It also fits on top of a carry-on bag (with our own carry-ons coming soon) to make traveling even easier.. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Get your ketchbag today and tell us what you love about it.

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