How Have You Lived Without the ketchbag?

How Have You Lived Without the ketchbag?

Do you find yourself carrying 2-6 bags a day? Scurrying around in the morning to prep and pack for your busy life? Do you constantly forget things you need? Do you find yourself in the drive-thru, because you didn’t pack a lunch? Do you have to replace your bags regularly because they break? 

Well then, you're in luck! The ketchbag was designed to solve all of these problems and more. 

Everyday you can pack all things you might need and still only have to carry one bag around with you everywhere you go. That’s right, one bag!

One bag for work, the gym, extra shoes, your meals, and your toiletries. Have you ever had a bag that could do all that? Yeah, we didn't think so. 

Well have you ever had a bag that could do all that AND was built sustainably, manufactured in North America, with RFID & EMF protection built in? Yeah, we really didn't think so. 

With all of these positives, what's keeping you from ordering your ketchbag right now? 

We know that if you do, you won't regret it. Not only that, but we want to sweeten the deal even more and give you $50 OFF just for reading this blog. 

Use code: BLOG4 at checkout to redeem $50 OFF right now! 

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