The Idea Behind the ketchbag Carryall

The Idea Behind the ketchbag Carryall

Mornings are the most challenging time of the day, between getting up, getting ready, and getting out the door on time. After years of frustration having to pack and carry six bags a day, to get from place to place, founder and CEO, Cece Ketcham, decided to do something about it and set to work designing a bag that could, “Fit Life in One Bag.” From here the ketchbag Carryall was born, the cornerstone of the brand that is now: Modern Lifestyle Luggage. 

Cece knew that she wasn’t the only person who had to carry a bag for each destination in her busy schedule: work, gym, food, out-and-about, and the airport. She knew that there were so many people like her who were having to replace their bags regularly because they wore out quickly. She knew that other concerned people were buying bags to hold all their things for a weekend getaway and then having to buy a different bag, because not every bag can hold everything AND operate as a carry-on. She knew all of this and decided to reimagine the way she managed her life and her bags. 

She got down to the core of what she, and those like her, needed most: a sustainable, eco-friendly, durable bag that could hold everything you’d need in one, normal day and easily convert when you’re traveling. So what was most important? 

Everyday she needed all these things: 

  • work bag to carry important documents
  • laptop bag to carry laptop & iPad
  • gym bag to carry workout clothes, shoes, and toiletries
  • meal bag to carry food 

Before now, it was impossible to fit all of this in one bag, but now the question is simply what can’t you fit in this bag? 

The intent was to create something you could easily pack the night before, grab in the morning, and go with on your day, wherever it would take you.

A bonus to the design is the included hangable toiletry bag. This easily sits on your bathroom counter while you’re getting ready and fits nicely in the middle section of the ketchbag when you’re off. This toiletry bag allows you to keep all your essentials with you and organized for a quick touch-up at work, after the gym, or before you meet up with friends. The hangable design makes it easy to use anywhere. 

Cece decided to take it one step further and develop a set, now known as the, “ketchbag Carryall Tote Set,” which includes a messenger bag and wallet, in the same material as the ketchbag. The idea behind these other products was to streamline the other places you find yourself during the day. Think with me on this: how often do you just need your wallet when you’re going somewhere? Or do you want to lug all your things with you when you’re going into the coffee shop to work for an hour or two? The idea is that the wallet and messenger bag fit easily into the ketchbag when you leave your house in the morning and can be swapped in and out for the various activities you’ll be doing. Throw the strap on the wallet and wear it like a crossbody when you’re going into the grocery store. Put the wallet and your iPad in the messenger bag when you go work in the coffee shop. Pack it all up in your ketchbag when you’re ready to go home. It’s that simple. The set allows you to pack all your things and use just the essentials when you’re out and about. 

You think that’s cool? What if I told you the ketchbag, wallet and messenger bag were all RFID & EMF protected, to keep you and your information safe? Now, what if I told you they were all manufactured sustainably in North America? That’s right. She thought of that too. 

So what are you waiting for? 

The ketchbag Carryall is the bag for you and Modern Lifestyle Luggage is your new favorite brand.

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