What’s in Cece’s Bag?

What’s in Cece’s Bag?

Our founder and CEO, Cece Ketcham, designed the KETCHBAG Carryall to, “Fit Life in One Bag.”  She wanted to share with you how she uses the bag everyday and what she carries with her. 

What I carry with me everyday:

Water – It's important to drink water everyday, so I carry a gallon jug everywhere in my car and keep a water bottle in the side holder of the KETCHBAG. 

Hat – Just in case my hair is destroyed from working out, I carry a hat in case I need to cover the mess for a bit. Dry shampoo is also a life saver after a work out, so I keep it in the toiletry bag. 

Resistance bands – I always keep a pair in my bag to throw in my workouts for extra resistance for better workouts. In case I cant make it to the gym when traveling, it’s an easy way to workout outside with these or in your hotel room.

Ab straps – These help develop strong, defined, strong abs when you lean out- plus it’s a great move for core work. They never leave my bag. 

Organic deodorant – Stay fresh wherever you go. 

Journal and my favorite pen – I plan the week in my journal, so it's always with me in my bag. This is how I stay on top of all my to-dos. 

Fresh scent or perfume – Life gets busy and sometimes you just cant get in the shower after working out so you spray some good scent to hold you over and smell fresh.

Toiletries – shampoo, face cloth, deodorant, clippers, makeup, toothbrush, breathe spray, organic body wash, shaver, dry shampoo, and 

Covid essentials - Organic hand sanitizer, mask, gloves...

Work - Laptop, cords, and headphones come with me when I leave the house. The front section of the bag, the work section, is always stocked with pens, battery charger, business cards, glasses, and keys. 

Meals and snacks – I keep a prepped meal with freezer pack to keep cool, in the insulated meal storage compartment at the back of the bag. My go-to's are apples, berries, and almonds. If traveling on a plane, I pack 6 meals to avoid airport food and stay healthy. 

Clothes – Extra gym clothes and something for after the gym. (The laundry bag keeps dirty clothes separate, for after the gym.) If traveling on a plane, I pack a sweater or something to change into post flight. 

Shoes – Tennis shoes and extra flats stay in all times. 

Wallet – I keep my wallet in the front pocket, so it's always close by. Easily converts into crossbody bag, wristlet or clutch. 

I also bring the messenger bag to use when I don’t need the large tote, like for grocery shopping.

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