Change CAN Happen in an Instant To Be Healthier

Do you think change takes a long time? Yes? No? When YOU decide what you want, you can change now in one minute. It's the time in between or the gap which takes the most time during the transition phase that takes time. Getting ready to change takes time. To make the decision is quick. When you take actionable steps, you will change. You can do it instantly with a strategy, effective tools and the right mindset.

You will want to create a NEW alternative to replace your bad habits or things which dont add value in your life. We intuitively recognize what is good and what is bad for our body and mind. Easy solutions.....replace soda with a gallon of water. Replace potato chips for kale chips or carrots. Replace fast food with meal prep meals. Replace TV for gym time. Replace consistently day to day and week to week and eventually over the next few months, you will have created a new habit and eliminating the invaluable habit. 

You are conditioned to succeed and born to be your best version. there are two things most everyone wants to do - to feel better and change behaviors. Just our beliefs can hold us in a stuck pattern if you dont understand what recording you are telling yourself. Limited beliefs of who you think you should be will keep you in the comfort zone so you must break the old thinking that got you where you are today. To get to a new level or a healthy state, you will need to learn new ways to think, new ways to fuel your body and new ways to move your body. This is the gap of which you will need to get new information and learn. You will need to forget what you know and come from a beginners mind to take in all new information. Then you need to take action with a new state of mind. 

Only YOU can change YOU right now and only you are responsible for your own change. If you do change for anyone or anything else, it wont last. Finding your WHY and visualizing what you want are two effective ways to creating the change you want to see. This is an important first step to analyze and shift your mindset. The pain of change can hold you back, so again, replace pain to pleasure of what you feel and look like when you reach your goals. That will start your motivation to discipline yourself enough to be consistent with the daily habits needed to transition to a healthy way of life. 

So remember, change can be done instantly. The transition to convert will take time and each person's journey is different. I would start with 90 days to focus and really dedicate yourself to doing everything you can and do whatever it takes to commit to a healthy lifestyle. Find your groove, prepare, learn, commit, know your numbers and just take action everyday towards your wellbeing. Once you see positive changes happening because you will....physically, emotionally, spiritually and a huge boost of confidence, you will want to continue this amazing journey of transformation. What you put in is exactly what you will get out. My wish for you is to value yourself enough to reach your goals, maintain it and  continue to reach new goals in your life time. DREAM BIG and dont be afraid of changing into the best version of YOU. That's what you are meant to be.

Cece xo  

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