Lifechanging Steps to Transform amd Live Healthier

Wellness and self care is the foundation of our life. How well we do it will determine what happens to our mind, body and spirit. Our lifestyle determines everything in our life so choosing a positive one is the best way. These are the best steps I found and live by to have an optimal healthy life and steps to take to get into fitness. 

1.Really dig deep and find your why. Spend time on why you want to change your lifestyle and what it means to you. This matters at your weakest times later. Understand your limited beliefs you have engrained in your mind and overcome all of them. Recognize the thoughts and beliefs that got you to where you are today and form heathier ones. 

2. Hire a very good experienced coach who will customize a macro meal plan and training program to follow for at least 12 weeks. You will need guidance, accountability and reason to take photos of your progress to hold you through the change. Having support is key to making this work. 

3. Order meal prep according to your macro plan for 8-12 weeks, so you can remove all obstacles of not staying on track. The #1 way to change your health is nutrition, so the food you eat will 100% impact your success and health. Yes, order your meals from Nutrition Solutions, Icon Meals or Trifecta Meals. There are many emotional and other aspects when you are creating new habits plus this will save you time, money and make your life easier. Learn how to meal prep later after you have a handle on the consistent meal plans and training every week first. Trust me on this one. 

4. Join a gym and use it 4-6 times a week to utilize your training times with the equipment you need to transform your body and mind. Follow the training and hire a trainer to take you through your program if needed until you feel confident you know what to do with every exercise properly engaging muscles. 

5. Keep a journal and write daily. Track your meals, thoughts, ideas, calendar, water intake, training splits, gratitude list every day. 

6. Measure body fat with a scale vs body weight. True body composition change  is body fat, not weight. Get a scale and measure your food so you know exactly how much you are consuming each meal. 

7. Follow a customized plan for 12 weeks to see results and dont cheat. Just see what it takes and you will get results faster by just committing to the process to see huge changes being consistent and disciplined for a longer period of time. Yes after you achieve your goal, you can add in flexibility later, but for now, stay on track. You need to shed the old you first and see how great you will be after fully committing to this process. 

8. Eat consistently every 3 hours to increase your metabolism and burn body fat. Learn about intermittent fasting and what works best for you. I practice it every Wednesday and Sunday evening for 18 hours and it works great. 

9. Listen to 60 minutes of podcasts every day  on health, fat loss, wellness, business, communication to change your mindset and evolve into a better version. Read when you can books that add value and topics that matter. 

10. Learn meditation and how to do it practicing it every morning when you wake. This is a skill to learn to quiet the mind and connect within. This is a game changing and will bring so much to your life on the soul level. 

11. Practice on quality SLEEP, FOOD FOR FUEL AND MOVEMENT daily. This recipe provides optimal health and wellness for the body and mind. 

12. Read affirmations, mantras, positive quotes to fill the mind with positive thoughts and reprogram the mind to think more positively. Turn off negative thoughts that dont serve. 

13. Terminate all bad habits now and you know what they already are. 

14. Drink 1 gallon of water a day for women and up to 2 gallons a day for men. Water is essential for many aspects and learn all the affects drinking good, clean water does for the body. Add lemons for flavor and health benefits. 

15. Learn about functional medicine and find a doctor who practices it. We need doctors for some things but functional doctors treat the mind, body and soul with cures. Understand how the body works and what signs your body is giving you before they lead to disease. Control stress and understand your stressors. 

16. Stay consistent, laser focused and learn how to be disciplined. Stick to the plan now matter what and commit to your health. If you cant commit, learn how to be more disciplined because this is the foundation of success. 

17. Remove all unhealthy food, stuff and junk from your home immediately. Dont allow anything in your home that isn't good for you and learn how to have a healthy home. Keep the good in and the bad out. 

18. Commit to your health as a lifelong lifestyle, not a season to lose weight for looks. It's so much more than that and you will see when you get there the deeper level of what wellness is, so get there so you know what real health is of the mind, body and soul. It is transforming on all levels. 

19. Have a clear baseline of what you are willing to accept of yourself and dont let yourself go past that point. Do double time and get back on track if you stray away from your health. Hire a coach who can get you back on track when needed. 

20. Live intentionally focusing on your inner compass with self awareness, your health, your passions and your relationships. Followed by self love and love for others. 

I hope you find these steps helpful and steering you in the direction of living heathier. Wellness is foundational to all success and I wish everyone the highest form of health. 


Cece xo 


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