Traveling has reached a new era than ever before with travelers going over the world to explore new adventures on plane, train and automobiles. We just need to make sure to stay on track, so you dont feel like you've lost control of your health and stay off track when you get back home. 

"The most beautiful things in life are not things. They're people, places, memories and pictures. They're the emotions we feel, moments we treasure, seeing new places, meeting new people and doing something new for the first time in a new place."  

When we travel, it's easy to stray, eat all the goodies, drink some wine and not get enough sleep. I'm a believer in enjoying life to the fullest and indulging a bit, but there are some travel tips you can implement to get back on track or stay on track when you are away from home. Take in those memories in the far away place, but watch your health in the meantime. 


Planning as much as you can ahead of time sets the tone and gives you sense of direction and focus. Planning your hotel, car rental, restaurants close by, grocery stores, gym location and hotel business center before departure makes travel easier. This also includes your meals ahead of time. We tend to under eat for long periods when on the plane and grab whatever is in front of us because we are starving once we get to our destination. 

1. Order your main course meals from an online meal prep company and have it shipped to your hotel the day you arrive. Make sure to have a fridge and microwave access or in your room to store and heat. This way you can eat healthy on the go and not stress on where to eat every four hours of the day. (Companies I recommend in USA and deliver nationally: FlexProMeals, Icon Meals, Trifecta, Fuel Meals, Nutrition Solutions) 

2. Check out the local grocery store to grab some healthy snacks, fresh fruit and gallons of quality water on hand. Portable and whole foods like apples, bananas, carrots, hard-broiled eggs, yogurt are excellent options to put in your bag and hotel room to keep your body nourished and full. Having a travel bag to take these with you is key so it's easy and seamless. 

3. Pack your daily supplements and protein powder to keep your health on track. Your body needs more nutrients when it's in a new environment and more stress so Vitamin C and B's are critical. 



4. Make sure when you book your hotel it has a gym or a gym is close by. Pack your gym clothes and tennis shoes so you can schedule in 3-60 minutes of movement and resistance training in your day. 

5. Okay, so no gym is around but dont sweat the small stuff, do a bodyweight workout in your hotel room or outside. Stream bodyweight HITT workout on your phone or tablet to find a workout that fits your needs. PopSugar Fitness and YouTube have a long list of workouts with no equipment needed for a good sweat. Yoga is another way to move your body and also decrease stress. 

6. Get a walk in. Make time to take a stroll on the beach, the local area or local neigborhood to get in some steps. If you can't get in a normal workout, strive to get in 15,000 steps a day. 

7. Walk vs taking Urber if and when you can. 


8. Dehydration can happen quickly, especially when traveling. Pack a water bottle to bring with you in your everyday travel bag so you can fill it throughout the day. Avoid city water since you dont know what each city has in it or check on their website before. Buy gallon jugs (1 gallon per day stay) at an organic, holisitc or clean water store so you have quality reverse osmosis water on the go. Check online for reviews on the best water companies to buy from. Not all bottled water is clean and safe. Staying hydrated keeps your body and mind sharp and energy levels up.