The Beginning of an Idea…

As the Designer and Founder, living a business and fitness lifestyle means organizing, planning and being able to take your office and fitness with you on the go, wherever you travel. After being so frustrated for a long time not being able to find something to combine the business and fitness bags somehow lead to my research of not finding anything that would be 100%. I searched online on Amazon, checked my favorite brands and international stores. Not being able to find the cure for the perfect travel bag to accommodate this lifestyle in complete frustration lead me to snap this photo post-workout at the gym as a reminder what I was lugging around five bags everyday. After thinking about this for awhile, I had a gut feeling an idea would come to me. About  a month later, an inspired thought at 2am of the exact design you see today popped in my head. I got up and drew the first product design on paper and it made perfect sense. The overall concept has not changed, even after multiple manufacture samples, it has remained true to the original idea. I decided to practice what I preach and create a better way since I saw a huge opportunity in how we live today  and what was missing. After nearly a year of research and development, I made the decision to invest further and move forward because at that time, finding a fitting manufacture seemed daunting. In researching the history of luggage and manufacturing, it all made sense to me as to why the same molds are recreated and what I can do to fill the obvious gap. Two years later, after working with various manufactures, we have released the first collection with the dream team. After countless hours, sideway turns, disappointments, setbacks, challenges, many many countless meetings, time and money, we are thrilled to give you what consumers have been asking for. 

 My background of 29 years as an Entrepreneur has been a journey of self reflection, redirections, leveling up and becoming the best version. Having a diverse background starting at the beginning as an aerobics instructor, manager of a fitness gym, to starting my first company at 19 years of age in Shaklee, these have laid a foundation leading up to today. Wellbeing and fitness has always been the center point of my life while raising my family and building companies. After graduating with my Paralegal degree, instead of Law School, I decided to pursue being a business owner. I believe strongly in creating your own destiny and finding your passions to lead the way. I also have always encouraged everyone around me to live their dreams and push for better. This lead me to 17 years in real estate, which is still one of my loves and had the joy of general contracting and designing two of my own homes. The next chapter lead me to Los Angeles in the Hollywood business as an Executive Producer for a film I created, Rank, but then decided to focus my sole attention on my passions of business and fitness consulting. In 2016, out of pure frustration and talking to other CEO’s, fitness gurus and professionals, inventing a better way to travel, so we can keep moving without compromising our lifestyle, business and health became a priority because there wasn't anything functional or nice looking to accommodate this type of lifestyle. Every step leads to the next steps. 

Meet the Manufacturing Team

After some failed samples, I made my own handmade prototypes (thank goodness for my crafting skills in my younger days), tested the products and received feedback on the functions and designs. This allowed time to ensure the design functions, look, chosen textiles would be on target. It became clear from the feedback this is more than just an ordinary travel bag or luggage line; this represents all the ambitious hardworking people providing for their families, living their passions, taking care of their wellbeing and having a secure place to have it all organized ready for your next move 247. Bags and luggage is a necessity in the life we live. A product it is yes, but it means more than just that. We had the concept, but the missing piece was the manufacturing. There was hugggge resistance , which was met by so many manufactures across the globe who could not replicate the prototypes or declined because they stated it was "too complicated" or "not within our standard protocols". By this time 75 manufactures had declined and four attempted to make samples but failed. This fueled the fire we had something special because it is an original concept and patent design never seen in the market before, so we pressed forward. Where there is innovation and something new, majority will resist. Getting new innovative products in the market place will inevitably have challenges and we expected them. We have searched high and low for the best dream team and partner with a trusted manufacturer capable of making these patent designs and eventually connected with them. The 80th manufacture was engaged and most business owners at this point would lose faith but this time was 100% different from the onset and I knew, this was it. They see the vision, love it and 100% support it which is the success recipe to bring products to market. Our experienced manufacturing team uphold the highest quality and bring to life the invention of the first-ever patent travel bag and luggage collection. This unique recipe in combining the fitness and business lifestyles into one multi-functioning travel bag to go with you each hour of your day without having to skip a beat, forgetting an item, not having a dead phone or having to skip a meal or workout, while you are working your heart out or lugging around five bags is officially over. We believe in living intentionally, passionately and found this as an extension of our modern, yet simple life we all want to have. . 

We know you will enjoy and find this an easier way to travel. Please reach out and let us know your thoughts or  if you have any questions. Be more, do more and by all means, go after all your dreams. It's our mission to carry out what we are destined to do. 


Living passionately and intentionally, 

Cece Ketcham, Founder, CEO and Inventor 


Our Company

Modern Lifestyle Luggage invents lifestyle travel bags and luggage for travelers and professionals who love practical multi-functionality and organization. With 35 features combining six bags into one - work and laptop, handbag, meals, overnight, gym, shoes and toiletry bag. It has easy access key pocket, separated meal storage, EMF & RFID protection and padded laptop pocket. Unlike Louis Vuitton or Tumi, we are 54% to 80% less and have better utility with luxury. 


This exclusive bag is more than just a bag. It's where we hold our dreams, our goals and our commitments and who we are. This bag symbolizes discipline, a call to action and a respect for life.

We just make it easier for you to Fit Life Into One Bag,