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Searching for the Perfect Day Bag 

Cece Ketcham, the designer and owner of Modern Lifestyle Luggage, was tired of carrying two to five bags around everyday day, trying to stay organized and on top of her busy life. Between meetings, going to the gym, attending events, being a mom, staying on track eating healthy and having all the essentials to function optimally, it was chaotic. Losing so many of those items on a daily basis constantly was costing time and money. Remember, time spent "looking for stuff" is lost time, it can never be recaptured. And just in case you didn't think of this, consider CEO's, your team and employees are all "looking for stuff" and is closer to 2 to 2.5 hours per day. The average American spends 55 minutes a day looking for stuff. The stress and dysfunction had gone on long enough with no solutions in the market. After searching extensively even in international markets, there was not any day bag with great functionality and still looked good for work. She decided to design a bag that could do it all, a bag that could, “Fit Life in One Bag”, for all the different ways we need to work, live and travel. 

Keeping Up with Your Busy Life With Unique Patentable Designs  

After years of research, development and many product samples, she found the design that worked for her and those like her. The KETCHBAG CarryAll was born. Complete with a coordinating set including a versatile wallet, hangable toiletry bag and messenger bag. Quality, function with ultra organization, versatility, appearance and safety are the pillars for all our products.

We don't buy trucks of bags and resell them, we spend years in creating and development the perfect bags to then bring into the market. All of our products were designed from the CEO and Designer in-house.   

Home - Work - Gym - Travel 

The KETCHBAG CarryAll allows you to pack and carry everything you need from work, to the gym, to a night out, and converts into the perfect travel carry-on. Keeping or

The Brand  

While the KETCHBAG is the cornerstone of Modern Lifestyle Luggage, it is by no  means the end of Cece Ketcham’s design genius. From here on more bags pairing luxury and functionality are being made with you in mind, to help you stay on top of your busy life to help with your success and productivity. 


All Modern Lifestyle Luggage products are manufactured in North America, to ensure quality and give you peace of mind. Our samples are made in USA in our in-house sample room. We seek the best quality of materials and parts to choose for our collections. It's time consuming and costly searching the market for the best.  


Cece Ketcham and Chanel xx 

Here's a behind the scenes traveling for work catching up in the hotel before heading back home. These go everywhere and keep all of us on top of our game. We want to empower others and live their best life. 


Never Sacrifice Luxury for Functionality, Again.  

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