Press Release

Official Launch - Modern Lifestyle Luggage

(Friday, September 4, 2020, Eau Claire, WI) - Modern Lifestyle Luggage is an innovative lifestyle brand bringing together luxury and functionality for the busy life. The brand launched with solving the ultimate problem: consolidating the 2-6 bags you have to carry with you everyday, to go from home, to work, to the gym, and back again. This solution lead to the original product, the ketchbag Carryall, which has revolutionized the way you pack for your life and stay on top of a busy schedule. From there the company plans to expand into a variety of organizational products for the busy person: everyday bags, travel bags, and accessories. 

All Modern Lifestyle Luggage bags are designed locally and manufactured in North America. They are created sustainably, with non-toxic materials, with RFID & EMF protection. 

The entire MLL team is looking forward to the journey ahead of us and sharing our life-changing products with you. 

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