What is a Pre-Order?

What Is A Pre-order?

We offer pre-order as a way to reserve a bag in advance of our upcoming product delivery, with the understanding that it will ship at a later date than when you purchase. We will keep the products open in between production dates, so you can guarantee product upon it's arrival before inventory is gone. Payment is due at the time of purchase, and you will receive a shipping notification once the order is on its way to you.

When Will My Pre-order Ship?

Your pre-order will ship on or before the date listed in the fine print on the product page when you purchased. If you have any questions, please reach out to hello@modernlifestyleluggage.com to provide a more detailed status update for your particular order. You also will receive updates in the interim on the status of shipping. 

What’s The Status Of My Order?

Once you’ve received your shipping confirmation email, you will have the ability to track your package on the corresponding shipping carrier's website.