Duo Set, Power Black and Royal Blue KETCHBAG™ CarryAll Tote Sets
Duo Set, Power Black and Royal Blue KETCHBAG™ CarryAll Tote Sets
Duo Set, Power Black and Royal Blue KETCHBAG™ CarryAll Tote Sets
Duo Set, Power Black and Royal Blue KETCHBAG™ CarryAll Tote Sets
Duo Set, Power Black and Royal Blue KETCHBAG™ CarryAll Tote Sets
Duo Set, Power Black and Royal Blue KETCHBAG™ CarryAll Tote Sets
Duo Set, Power Black and Royal Blue KETCHBAG™ CarryAll Tote Sets
Duo Set, Power Black and Royal Blue KETCHBAG™ CarryAll Tote Sets
Duo Set, Power Black and Royal Blue KETCHBAG™ CarryAll Tote Sets
Duo Set, Power Black and Royal Blue KETCHBAG™ CarryAll Tote Sets
Duo Set, Power Black and Royal Blue KETCHBAG™ CarryAll Tote Sets
Duo Set, Power Black and Royal Blue KETCHBAG™ CarryAll Tote Sets
Duo Set, Power Black and Royal Blue KETCHBAG™ CarryAll Tote Sets
Duo Set, Power Black and Royal Blue KETCHBAG™ CarryAll Tote Sets
Duo Set, Power Black and Royal Blue KETCHBAG™ CarryAll Tote Sets
Duo Set, Power Black and Royal Blue KETCHBAG™ CarryAll Tote Sets
Duo Set, Power Black and Royal Blue KETCHBAG™ CarryAll Tote Sets
Duo Set, Power Black and Royal Blue KETCHBAG™ CarryAll Tote Sets

Duo Set, Power Black and Royal Blue KETCHBAG™ CarryAll Tote Sets

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Our exclusive bundle includes two of our most popular products. The Dylan Zip Around Wallet and Avery Messenger Bag compliment this ambitious lifestyle. It's our thank you. 

Everything you need for your essentials to carry on the go and for busy travelers and go getters with our signature oversized everyday tote. The KETCHBAG™  CarryAll Tote is the only multi-functional, versatile and modern travel bag consolidating six bags into one. If you can't decide which color, get both. Also, can get two for busy couples.  

MLL is designed for busy professionals on the go. The set includes the KETCHBAG, wallet and messenger bag for a limited time. Consolidate your laptop work bag, meal bag, gym bag, overnight bag, toiletry bag, shoe bag into one organized CarryAll. It also have the perfect pocket for the original Dylan zip around wallet.

Features include an insulated meal storage and enough room to accommodate a change of clothes for overnight travel. This bag acts as a virtual office including RFID security features to protect your important data from skimmers and EMF radiation blocking protection to protect your health. It includes a laundry bag and custom hangable toiletry bag for wet essentials. This original design is multi-functional with accessible compartments to help simplify your modern life eliminating up to six bags. It supports a career driven, health-conscious, and active lifestyle for the 21st century life with the ability to go from gym, to work to any social event for the day taking meals with you on the go. Bonus when flying it's a carry on and considered a personal item, so no baggage fees. 


KETCHBAG Dimensions: L 18"  x  H 14"  x  D 8" Cinched D 4" Top

KETCHBAG™ Description:  Black Herringbone Jacquard Polyester with Vegan Leather and Brushed Chrome Hardware and/or/and Royal Blue Alphabet Jacquard Polyester Luxurious with Blue Vegan Leather and Gold Hardware.   

  • Custom original design
  • Handmade by craftsman
  • Non-toxic, chemical free 
  • Created in WI, USA
  • Lightweight 5 lbs. 
  • RFID anti-theft security
  • EMF radiation blocking
  • Easy grip and padded handle for comfort
  • Adjusted shoulder strap 
  • Essentials or fitness compartments
  • Cold meal insulated storage
  • Virtual office 17 compartments in business compartment
  • Business card slot 
  • Easy key access pocket and holder
  • Removable and hangable custom toiletry bag for wet essentials 
  • Separate laundry bag for dirty clothes
  • Separate shoe storage (1 large men's or 2-women's)
  • Stiletto heel holder - patent design (for women)
  • Center compartment for clothes
  • 2-compartments in center for undergarments/socks
  • Extra fitness compartment for belt, gloves, supps 
  • Easy access side water bottle holder 
  • 2-Laptop sleeves pockets for 12 inch and 15 inch laptops
  • Padded iPad/handheld sleeve/journal compartment
  • Pens/pencil slots
  • Glasses/sunglasses pocket
  • 3 Easy access folder compartments
  • Phone and earbud pockets with access to charger
  • Built-in wallet exterior pocket 
  • Quick access car key pocket and removable key strap
  • Removable and adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • 4 metal feet to protect the base
  • USA and International patent pending

Features include: RFID security, EMF radiation blocking, insulated meal storage full length side pocket for quick access up to six meal containers, a removable hangable toiletry bag for wet essentials, laundry tote bag, separate shoe compartment, exterior water bottle storage, easy access key pocket, fitness gear compartment, separated interior for clothing for an overnight or change of clothes, phone/earbuds pocket, storage for technology equipment with access to a rechargeable battery (sold separately), two-laptop sleeves, 3-folder storage slots, easy access wallet pocket and adjustable/removable shoulder strap with padded grip handles. Everything you need in one to travel on the go for the day or overnight. Perfect carryon companion when flying. 

Wallet Details

The Zip Around EMF Wallet is a perfect fit everything type of wallet for women and men, yet compact enough to fit conveniently in your hand, a pocket or tote. It also compliments with the KETCHBAG™ Tote to store all your credit cards, cash, passport, store cards, business cards, phone and receipts. It is an original patent design created to be able to fit the most important daily items we can't function without conveniently in one place. The zip around opening securely holds all essentials with built-in RFID security to protect your data and EMF radiation blocking. It opens to an ID pocket for quick access in the airport line, a phone compartment, full length pocket for notes, receipts, bills and airline tickets, a center zipper for cash and coin storage, a 28 card slot removable card holder and extra pockets for more storage. It's sleek, modern and simple design is perfect for everyone and is must have to hold your most important essentials. 

The Details: Black Herringbone Jacquard Polyester with Vegan Leather and Brushed Chrome Hardware. Royal Blue Alphabet Jacquard Polyester Luxurious with Blue Vegan Leather and Gold Hardware.  

Dimensions  L 8"   x  H 4'   x  D 1" 

  • Original design
  • RFID anti-security 
  • EMF radiation blocking
  • Lightweight 
  • Zip around closure for security 
  • Wristlet doubles has key chain for men or women
  • Removable strap for crossbody for women
  • Full length compartments for notes/receipts/bills
  • Center zipper for coin/cash/airline ticket
  • Easy access passport, license and ID compartments
  • Removable 28 card holder for credit, business, store cards
  • Phone sleeve and fits any phone sizes iPhoneX, Samsung S7 Edge
  • Lip balm or extra pocket compartment
  • SIM card slot
  • Patent pending

Notes: Functional with easy access design to what you need when you need it made for everyone. Handcrafted patented design with luxurious fabric. This zip around wallet has quick access to your ID/passport, holds the largest phones, multi-28 slots for credit, business or store cards, receipt/notes/bills compartment and center zipper for cash, coins and airline ticket pocket to keep essentials neat and organized.

Messenger Bag Details

The Messenger Bag adds another option to carry your essentials for short travel needs. It's great when you just need a smaller bag to hold your main essentials for a short time or out to dinner. It is an original custom design created for the busy and ambitious go getters when you don't need the CarryAll Luxe Bag. It is modern design to organize everything you need for the day. It is designed to be unisex for both women and men. For women, it can easily be converted into a classic clutch or hands-free crossbody bag. It's a must have when you need to carry the basic essentials to the grocery store, a quick meeting or out to dinner. The bonus is it has easy access to your phone, quick access passport and ID compartments with a 5- card slot, cash and checkbook pocket. There is enough room for the little essentials we tend to carry with us wherever we go and can't live without. 

The Details: Royal Blue Alphabet Jacquard Luxurious Polyester with Gold Hardware or Black Herringbone Polyester with Brushed Chrome Hardware. 

Messenger Bag Dimensions:  L 11' x  H 7"  x  D 3"  

  • High quality luxurious fabric 
  • Custom designed pattern 
  • RFID anti-theft protection
  • EMF radiation blocking
  • SIM card pocket
  • Lightweight
  • 7 card slot for credit, business, store cards
  • Full length compartments for receipts, notes, bills, journal
  • Center zipper for cash/coin/storage
  • Easy access passport and photo ID pockets
  • Secret pocket for storage
  • Phone compartment fits all phone sizes with cord access to charge
  • Large essentials compartment
  • Zip drive, lip balm or pen holders
  • Earbuds pocket
  • Extra storage for essentials 
  • Detachable and adjustable shoulder strap to convert to crossbody bag or sling bag

Notes: Handcrafted custom designed with high quality fabric, this perfect crossbody stores all your daily essentials. Easy opening to full view to all the organized compartments. Full length compartments for notes/journal, phone pocket for all phone sizes, holds up to 5-credit cards, large center zipper storage for cash & coins. It holds your necessities in an organized, highly functional and modern bag. Look great as a professional on the go day or night.


Accessories included in KETCHBAG™ Tote Luxe Travel Bag:

  • Hangable custom toiletry bag
  • Laundry bag
  • Protective cover bag
  • EMF protected Dylan Wallet 
  • Convertible Messenger Bag

Multi-functional. Professional. Modern. Durable. Safe.

Note: This includes the ketchbag, wallet and clutch crossbody bag as a set. (The other products such as the shoes, laptops, earphones, phone, clothes are not included and used to display the features only.) 


Estimated delivery within 3-8 business days in USA and Internationally. Duties, shipping and taxes for domestic and international orders will apply and paid by the customer. Tracking will be sent to your email to keep you informed on your order until it's to your doorstep.  

INCLUDED For a Limited Time:
Convertible Messenger Bag and EMF Wallet

Our exclusive set includes two of our most popular everyday accessories and part of the daily essential organized system. The Dylan Zip Around Wallet and Avery Convertible Messenger Bag compliment your ambitious lifestyle. 

Designed in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA.
Designed by an Entrepreneur

CEO Cece Ketcham, was tired of buying countless similar bags that made her disorganized and prevented her from living a more productive and successful lifestyle. Chaos and disorganization causes stress and less productivity. From being a frustrated consumer and taking on this initiative for inventing more functional but luxurious bags for an intentional lifestyle is here. 

After three years of heavily investing research & development into our own unique product line and having the right team, we invented the cure for the perfect "Everyday Tote". The KETCHBAG and MLL Collection. With more products coming! 

Organization & Fuction On the go
Re-imagine travel.

Multi-functionality with four quadrants separating work, clothes, food and shoes. Consolidating six bags into one with quick access to what you need, when you need it. No chaotic mess or stress. 

Designed from Scratch (Yes, these are the actual sketches)
Every Productive Human Being's Dream

A new way to live on the go and travel. Keep your life organized in a single "Everyday" tote, and unlike the other "multi-purpose" bags, you don't have to sacrifice luxury or the look. 

Over the course of our lifetime, we spend a total of 3,680 hours or 153 days searching for misplaced items. The research found we lose up to nine items every day—or 198,743 in a lifetime. Phones, keys, sunglasses, and paperwork top the list (The Daily Mail).

Accessories with Purpose & Safer

We invented an RFID anti-theft 28-card holder with an EMF radiation blocking phone sleeve in our Dylan wallet. Also, a practical organized convertible messenger bag for both women and men. All the accessories compliment the entire collection and add to the convenience and organization of your daily needs. 

Each product is custom designed for functionality, quality and look for our professional customers who need to maximize time, have a trusted system and leverage your productivity. Every second counts and having a sense of peace of mind is invaluable. 

Quality, Non-Toxic, Durable and Functional
Original Design

It is important for us to stand behind our products with the warranty. It takes a large team to make one bag and each are skilled craftsman. Our manufacture has over 70 years experience and with other luxury brands. We work direct with the manufacture to ensure quality and every detailed refined. We combined quality, luxury, functionality, durability and customer service to our collection. 

THE Dream Team
After 79 no's, we find our "You are on to something!"

After 79 manufactures attempted and failed, it almost didn't happen. I never gave up. We finally connected with a team who facilitated our innovative product and we have product ready to ship from our warehouse in Wisconsin. 

Our internal team has been working hard and excited to bring you better function and more complimentary products to streamline your life. 


Safe for your health
EMF, RFID Blocking & Non-Toxic

EMF radiation blocking from your phone and RFID anti-theft security for your laptops and cards. 

Our products are not sprayed with chemicals and are non-toxic. 

Creating safe products to protect your health and your privacy is what our small business will stand by for all our products. 


I love how verstile and functional this all is! I am a Louis Luitton buyer, but this has function AND luxury which I need. My LV is a mess and I can't find anything when I need it. 

Business Owner

I call it my everthing all in one bag! But the organization is amazing and it helps me so much stay on track. 

Professional & Fitness Lifestyle
What to do with all your old bags
Don't Throw Them Away

The CEO's daughter Ava saw all the old bags in a box and came up with the idea to give back in our community. We started a donation box at our local gym to collect bags to give to local shelters to avoid landfills and help. We started at our local Gold's Gym and encourage others to expand the effort globally. 

With Organization
Comes Empowerment

The extension of your power lifestyle