Reusable Shopping Bag

Reusable Shopping Bag

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Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags

SHOPPING BAGS: Ditch the plastic and go green at the market or when you are shopping with these portable reusable cloth totes for an easy, convenient shopping experience. 

DURABLE DESIGN: Our shopping or grocery bag includes pack of 2 large totes made of PPNW double stitched fabric that holds up to 40 lbs. 

FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Internal organization with two inner pockets for smaller items or to separate items for easy access and order. 

SUPPORTIVE BOTTOM: Bottom insert to endure heavy items.  

LONG HANDLES: Comfortable handles to easily carry your items

MULTI-PURPOSE BAGS: Use these bags for more than just food; packable bags are great for laundry, toys, storing gym equipment, shopping and farmers market. 

Package Dimensions:  15 Length x 14 Height x 7 width 

Item weight: .05 lb. 


Built for life. Our goal is to stop bags in landfills and less plastic being used in the world. 



Everything has it's place
Carry One Bag Everyday Instead of Six.

Re-imagine life.

Four compartments for technology, clothes, food, and shoes.

Designed from Scratch
The Perfect Dream Bag

A better way to live on the go and travel. Keep life organized in one "Everyday" tote. Unlike the other "multi-purpose" bags, you never have to sacrifice luxury for functionality. 

Our Story
Accessories with Purpose

Each product is custom designed, to optimize function, quality and style no matter where you go. It's designed to keep organization, safe and secure. 

Life with Ketch
Blocking material & Non-toxic

EMF radiation blocking from your technology devices. RFID anti-theft security for credit cards and laptops.  

Most products are sprayed with chemicals and not safe. We don't spray to be non-toxic to protect you for health reasons.

13 Reasons to use ketchbag