Wellth Journal - ketch Modern Lifestyle Luggage
Well-th Journal
Wellth Journal - ketch Modern Lifestyle Luggage
Well-th Journal

Well-th Journal

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Time is our most important commodity you can't buy, reverse or change. Planning and dividing your time to fit all the priority elements of your life to create some sense of balance, puts you in control of what you can control.

Don't have a plan or journaled? It is very easy to float through your days and react to your life around you vs being mindful of how you really want to live your life and in the best way as possible with good health.

Journaling has been studied and noted to be a key indicator to being focused, creating daily habits, living intentionally and spending time wisely to grow and prosper as you are meant to be. This journal is focused on four main components in life: spirituality, your health and fitness, your business or career and relationships. Everything else is connected to these areas of life in some way. The Wellth Journal was created to focus on and include a HEALTH IS WEALTH mindset. We all have limited time and it comes down to how we spend our time, with how and what you do with it your gifts. I believe in creating more, feel more and live your best life.

Organization & function on the go
Re-imagine Life.

Four sleek compartments: work, clothes, food, and shoes.

Consolidating many bags into one tote. Easy access to what you need, when you need it.

Free Messenger Bag

Designed to be part of the everyday system to hold your daily essentials. When you don't need a large KETCHBAG CarryAll Tote, this crossbody bag is perfect to convert into a clutch, messenger or crossbody and adapts to what you need. 

Messenger Bag Details
Zip Around Convertible Wallet

Designed to organize 28 cards, phone, receipts, passport, SIM card, cash and checkbook. This easily converts into a crossbody bag or wristlet. 

Wallet Details
Designed from Scratch
Every Productive Human Being's Dream

A new way to live on the go and travel.

Keep your life organized in a single "Everyday" tote, and unlike the other "multi-purpose" bags, you never have to sacrifice luxury for functionality. 

Our Story
Accessories with Purpose

Each product is custom designed with you in mind, to optimize function, quality and style

Life with Ketch
Safe for your health
Blocking Material & Non-Toxic

EMF radiation blocking from your technology devices AND RFID anti-theft security for credit cards and laptops.  

Our products are nonp-toxic and are NOT sprayed with chemicals.

MLL stands by creating safe products to protect your health and privacy.